Double Vision

photo-687-1Are we seeing double or are there four prowlers now?photo-1855-1 Workout:

Three 4-minute rounds with a partner, only one person working at a time.:
Round 1 - four 50 meter sled pushes (two per person, alternating), max effort front squats (65/95), max effort push ups. Four minute time limit.
Four minutes rest.
Round 2 - four 50 meter sled pushes, max effort ring-rows, max effort front squats.
Four minutes rest.
Round 3 - four 50 meter sled pushes, max effort push ups, max effort ring-rows.
Score is combined number of each partners reps of front squats, push ups, and ring-rows.

No p.m. classes New Years Eve

New Years Day 10a.m. ONLY