It's All Relative

13580529421358052960 Very impressive when you see a guy put on multiple plates to squat his body weight and then gracefully moves through the toe to bar like he had 155# on the bar.

Side note/question/rant - They have never had a "relative to body weight" workout at The Games. This has to do with keeping all of the workouts "task oriented" (i think that's the term they use). For example moving a 225# bar from the ground to over your head 30 times is a specific task that is completed fastest by the fittest person for that task, regardless of how big or small you are. 50 Handstand push ups for time is a task, doesn't matter how much you weigh or how long your arms are, the fittest person for that demand will complete it the fastest - this is part of the genius of Crossfit, the balance it demands.

I believe the stance is that having a barbell relative to ones body weight creates a situation where it isn't "task oriented." All people of different weights have different barbells, for example, so their tasks are different.

But when you really think of it, aren't all movements relative? Isn't moving a barbell from the ground to your shoulders when you're 5 feet a different task (relatively) then moving it there at 6 feet. Is doing a handstand push up when you weigh 100 pounds different then when you weigh 200, relatively speaking? Can't moving YOUR body weight on a barbell be considered a "task?"

In the same way your body weight affects in some way shape or form every movement you perform, the amount of weight you'd have to lift for the relative to body weight workout (there are SO many good ones) would be determined or affected in the exact same way. The less you weigh the less you lift and vise versa. It has always been and always will be relative, the % body weight workout is just another manifestation of that.

I would love to hear some opinions on this, in the comments, gym or otherwise!


600 meter run

21 Dumbbell Push Press (25/35#)

18 Toe to Bar

15 Front Squat (body weight)

12 Dumbbell Push Press

9 Toe to Bar

800 meter run

9 Dumbbell Push Press

12 Toe to Bar

15 Front Squat

18 Dumbbell Push Press

21 Toe to Bar

600 meter run