Embrace the Shake

photo-739 Alison Garcia never ceases to amaze us with her gymnastics skills. She held this near perfect LSit for just under a minute today. 57 seconds to be exact. Notice how straight her legs are and how she carries that through her feet (with her pointed toes). They say gymnasts can hold LSits for upwards of 3 minutes. Do your thighs and hip flexors cramp just thinking about it?


3xME LSit

5 min. AMRAP: 15 Ball Slams 5 Front Rack Step Ups (35#/25#) 1 min. rest 5 min. AMRAP: 10 KBS (32kg/24kg) 5 Push Up Pass Throughs 2 min. rest For time: 400m Run 2 rounds: 15 Ball Slams 5 Front Rack Step ups 10 KBS 5 Push Ups Pass Throughs