Science Becomes Art

Lori Schwartzberg, owner of Crossfit Orlando, is a former collegiate level rower. She shows us the importance of hip movement for rowing efficiently and effectively. photo 4aa9da2f-388e-4923-a33a-71f08915b38b_zpse959732c.jpg The extension piece at the back of the pull is very important, as she shows here. Most of us have that down.  photo b8b4c8c1-e378-403d-ad04-5526d8ac26de_zpsf050ada6.jpg It is the flexion of the hip in the catch position that some of us are missing. Flexing the hips in the catch creates a much greater potential for generating force in the stroke or pull.

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Partner Workout:

2K Row *One rower, switch when deem appropriate 

Rest as much as needed

30 Shoulder to Overhead (65/95#) 60 Ground to Overhead (65/95#) 90 Kettlbell Swing (35/53#) 1200 meter Run 150 Air Squat 

*One person working at a time, split up work however you want.  Both run 1200 meters.