Today saw a "dynamic effort" Close Grip Bench. The two main variables we considered for this "speed day," which determined the goal of a high power output, were weight/load of the bar and how fast the bar moved (speed). The faster the bar moves (decrease time from point a to point b), the more power we will generate (time and power are inversely proportional). Weight/load are proportional to power, i.e. increase weight means increase power (for the most part). The idea today was that you found a "sweet spot" - sorry for all the """. That means choosing a weight that wasn't too light (no matter how fast you move a barbell the power won't be generated because the lack of weight - you can't generate significant power by throwing a wiffle ball. Where most of us overshoot the range is by going too heavy, where the bar is at a weight where you cannot move it fast enough. Notice the speed.. Workout:

Dynamic Effort Close Grip Bench 9 x 3 - 60 seconds rest

5 Rounds: 3 minutes ON - AMRAP: 3 Clapping Push Up 6 Ball Slam (20/30#) 9 Jump Touch 1 minute OFF *No partial rounds - score total rounds.