Move Your Center Of Mass

 photo 1361208336_zpsd66edbea.jpgTake a look at where Steph's hips are when she is about to begin the movement.  photo 1361208527_zps96e2ca59.jpg Now look where they are in this shot. She has achieved full range of motion through her upper body, the issue is her hips or center of mass has not displaced the appropriate amount.  photo 1361208432_zps8861dee0.jpg This image shows the hips nice and low in a very good bottom position. Workout:

Box Jump 5 x 3 *from a standstill, can't step, walk or run in *same height across five sets, not a max

Muscle Up or Bar Muscle Up *work strength of strict or technique of kip for five sets - low volume, no more then 2-3 reps per set

-alternate between box jump and muscle up sets

5 Rounds: 5 Muscle Ups 50 Double Under 200m Run