Components of Fitness

Balance, coordination and stamina are three components of fitness worked on by the Sunday group. There are 10 total general physical skills used in Crossfit to help define fitness. Can you guess the other 7? Googling not allowed!Workout:

Team of three completes four rounds of the following three stations: Station 1: Provide resistance with an elastic band while one of the partners runs 10 meters, then pushes a weighted sled (90/140#) 40 meters.  Then Return the weighted sled to the starting postion. Station 2: Run 10 meters while a partner provides resistance, push a weighted sled 40 meters, also with resistance, then finish with an unencumbered 150 meter run. Station 3: Complete as many rounds as possible of: 5 dumbbell deadlifts (35/45#), 6 hand-release push ups, and 7 GHD sit ups, during the time it takes for your teammates to finish station 2.

Teammates start at different stations and rotate through all three a total of four times.  Their are two scores, the total number of rounds the team completed at station 3 and the amount of time it takes for the team to complete four rounds.