Partner Barbell

This may take the cake on the coolest idea Josh has come up with. Partner barbell workout. We all appreciate your creativity Mr. East, keep up the great work! Beth and Stacy go through the workout.  photo 1362965534_zps2e5e5017.jpg Josh and Ted at the bottom of their thruster.  photo 1362959201_zps98ce2601.jpg  photo 1362959099_zps1f6d2f04.jpg Partner barbell sit ups??? You got it! Workout:

3 Rounds (all movements completed with a partner, each holding the ends of two barbells (33/45), except for the 200 meter sprints: 10 front squats 40 meters lunging 10 shoulder press 40 meter farmers carry 2 100-meter sprints, each, alternating 40 meter farmers carry 10 front squats 40 meter farmers carry. Then, one round of 10 thrusters