To Or Not To Strategize

Have you seen 13.2? It's a really basic workout: 5 shoulder to overhead 10 deadlifts 15 box jumps - 10 minute AMRAP. Doesn't seem like one you should look to pace at all, but all strategies are relative. If you have someone who takes on their first round 45s and by then end is taking 1:30 minutes to get a round done, with an average of 1 minute and 15 seconds per round, should or could there be a pacing strategy implemented from the start? If you start the person on a pace of 1:05 per round (way slower then the 45s previous first round), do they have a better chance to increase their score? The answer is yes if they can hold that 1:05 clip, it's a faster average then the 1:15 split. If you plan on doing it a couple times, it is interesting to take this perspective, have someone write down your splits (the times at the end of each round). A strategy may come out of looking back at your pace throughout the ten minutes, noticing the time difference of each round, calculating the average and then figuring what average you would have to hold in order to beat your time. Workout:

5RM Touch and Go Clean or Power Clean

Row (cal) 12-15-18-21 Farmer Carry (35/45#) 200m - 150m - 100m - 50m Medball Sit Up (8/10#) 25 - 25 - 25 - 25