Some 13.2 Shots From The Greco's

 photo DSC_1696_zps9e07a600.jpgClassic Bill line for himself, that's hot.  photo DSC_1843_zps67a08232.jpg No questions there.  photo DSC_1855_zps64f9fec1.jpg Way to go!  photo DSC_1859_zps258239cc.jpg Gave it everything. Workout:

With a partner for time: Complete 60 reps of hang power clean (83/135), alternating reps.  Every time someone drops the bar both people must complete the same number of reps of double unders as the team has completed of hang power cleans, then one rope climb before returning to the bar.  After all 60 reps are competed each team member finishes with 60 double unders and one rope climb.