A little 13.3 action.

***Come meet us at The Point Chophouse tomorrow at 12pm, post 13.3, for some brunch and bloodies!***

Partner Workout:

-Running clock- 8 minute AMRAP: Prowler 10 meters up and back twice (total 40 meters) Knee to Elbow

8 minute AMRAP: 200 meter run Maneaters (15/25# - without the squat)

For Time: 100 Pull Ups 100 KBS (35/53#)

*First 8 minute AMRAP - partner one pushes prowler while partner two completes knee to elbow.  Can only perform knee to elbow while partner is pushing prowler. Score total knee to elbow only. *Second 8 minute AMRAP - same set up as first 8 minutes, score total maneaters only. *For time piece - one person working at a time.