That's The One

One client claimed today that this was the best "scheme" of a Crossfit workout he had every seen. After doing the workout today, although we can't remember them all, I'd have to agree. Creativity, originality and simplicity, all embodied in this workout. Those could be THE three keystones of programming for any new Crossfit workout?

 photo photo-11-1_zps5745bcab.jpg A little post 13.3 brunch at The Point Chophouse with the Crossfit SC Central fam!


Split the class into teams of four or five.  Each member of each team needs to accumulate 6 points in each of the following four movements: Push press (45/75), ball slams (20/30), push ups, and double unders.  A running clock will be set to alarm every 20 seconds. The participants can gain either 1, 2, or 5 points depending on the number of reps, listed below, completed in any 20 second work period: Push press (1 pt. 8-13 reps, 2 pts.  14-20 reps, 5 pts. 21 or more reps), ball slams (1 pt. 8-13 reps, 2 pts. 14-19 reps, 5 pts. 20 reps), push ups ( 1 pt. 6-11 reps, 2 pts. 12-19 reps, 5 pts. 20 reps),  double unders (1 pt. 10-19 reps, 2 pts. 20-39 reps, 5 pts. 40 reps).  Additionally, each team will have one rower, with which they will accumulate 300 calories.  Each individual person will have a time that they completed the movements as well as a team time that they completed the row.