The Medball Medley

The team of three figured out how to make the sit ups work.  photo 1364689875_zpseb1f6ee7.jpg  photo 1364689943_zps479c557d.jpg Ricardo was moving through some really impressive medball push ups today, great positioning.

Chad Vaughn Slow-Mo Snatch


"MedBall Medley" 1 Ball - 2 People 60 Wall Ball (20/14#) 60 Push Ups 60 Jumps 60 Lunges 600 meter Run 60 Sit Ups 30 Wall Ball 30 Push Ups 30 Jumps  30 Lunges 400m Run 30 Sit ups * All movements done with medball.  Push ups on the ball, jumps over the ball, medball sit ups. * Partner workout, one person working at a time