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 photo 1364844435_zpsd8fbeb04.jpgSteph, Larisa and Todd trying to hold their box jump numbers on the workout today.  photo DSC_2792_2_zps19345e0b.jpg Annie on her way to improving her score.  photo DSC_2687_2_zps699ce3ca.jpg Skip and Johnny going for it together.  photo DSC_2681_2_zps944bc0de.jpg Robert working through those toe to bar.

End Of The Open BBQ Bash! Sunday April 7th, 12-3pm @ The Gym BYOB and a side if you'd like, we'll have burgers to go around!


5 minute AMRAP - Front Squat *Score load (reps x weight).  Use same weight for entire 5 minutes

5 Rounds - running clock: 1st minute - 15 Box Jump (20/24in) 2nd minute - 20 Ball Slam (20/30#) 3rd minute - 15 Dumbbell Push Press (35/45#)