Ask any sports fan, it's rare that the game, match or fight lives up to the hype. Dave Castro hyped tonights event at The Civic as much as it could have been hyped. He captured everyones attention with that interview last night, claiming that the athletes were going to have to push further then they ever had, and beyond that, a "bloodbath." This sparked speculative conversation in Crossfit gyms around the world. People were guessing, some were doubting, others were excited or fearful. What could it possibly be to live up to that kind of hype?? What is was not only lived up to the hype, it surpassed it. The workout design alone put to sleep any doubters. But possibly more then anything was how perfectly the workout went for those competing.

I've probably watched every meaningful competitive Crossfit workout by Rich Froning in the past three years. I have never seen him push so hard. With two seconds left in the 8 minute round, he completed his last chest to bar pull up. I don't know that anyone doubted he could do it, but for a second there it almost looked like the workout was going to win. And therein lies the genius of Dave Castro.

Forget the hundreds of thousands of people around the world watching live, forget The Open, forget Rory and Miranda's outfits, forget The Games, forget the hype. It's all about programming a workout on the highest level that pushes the fittest person on the planet to within two seconds of failing. Brilliant.

 photo 1365030998_zps7a67e229.jpg Getting warmed up.  photo 1365031009_zps6ee008ef.jpg Workout:

7 x 2 Hang Power Clean

7 Rounds - "Super Inducer" 7 Wall Ball (14/20# - High Target) 7 Chest to Bar Pull Up 

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