The Memorable 2013 Open At CSCC

It's incredible how soon you forget some of these great times. Thank you Scott and Kelly Greco for creating this memorable video, in what may be the greatest Open of all times, that we'll all have to look back on. On to Regionals!


12 minute running clock, barbell weight (53/75) One front squat (FS) and one shoulder press (SP), then 2 FS and 2 SP, 3 and 3, etc. until you finish 5 and 5. Once you get to 6 and 6 the SP becomes a push press (PP), and when you get to 11 and 11 the PP becomes a push jerk (PJ).  Every time you put the bar down you have to complete one of the following penalty movements of your choice before returning to the bar: weighted sled push (90/180), 10 pull ups, 200 m run, or 250 m row.  If you put the bar down before completing the matching number of reps of both FS and SP/PP/PJ you must re-attempt that group after the penalty. Score is the highest round you complete.