Side By Side

 photo 1366233753_zps2101f6fe.jpgIsaac and Rashmi, demonstrating one of the coolest parts of Crossfit, all people with any level of fitness working out together side by side.  photo 1366233484_zpsa39313a1.jpg Oral health! That's right, there have been all sorts of connections made in the literature between healthy teeth and gums and overal health, including the big one, cardiovascular health. So go get those teeth cleaned, and if you don't know where, Lindy Bixby, Christine Schoffstall and their wonderful crew in Capitola will take care of you! Workout:

Back Squat 3 x 5

12 minute AMRAP: 250 meter Row 12 Kettlebell Swing (35/53#) 8 DB Step Up (20/30#)