Online Apparel Store Has Officially Launched!

 photo 1367117408_zpsb9810cc3.jpgIt's never easy when you find yourself this far away from the gym carrying dumbbells, Dr. J and Shana could attest to that.

Crossfit Santa Cruz Central Apparel Store!


20 Wall Ball (14/20#) 21 DB Deadlift (heavy) 50 meter Farmer Carry 1000 meter run 250 meter row 30 Wall Ball 15 DB Deadlift 100 meter Farmer Carry 400 meter run 500 meter row 50 Wall Ball 9 DB Deadlift 200 meter Farmer Carry 200 meter run 1000 meter row 

A huge, huge, HUGE thank you to all the folks who made it out today to help with the CSCC work day!