Different Look

Workouts on Sunday's always have a little bit of a different look to them. Love those Sunday workouts! Workout:

Two rounds with a partner, alternating work 1st round: 5 minute running clock - set to alarm every 5 seconds.  Four stations: Shoulder Press (resting position is overhead with arms locked out, 45/65#), Ring Row (resting position is hanging from the rings in a plank), Push Up (Rest in extended plank), and Mat Nasties (rest in lunge position with knee off the floor). Partner A completes 3 reps of the first movement, shoulder press, every 5 seconds until they cannot get all three in that time.  After the three reps are completed Partner A holds a static position until the next 5 seconds begin.  Once partner A is done, partner B begins on the first movement while partner A runs a short sprint (30 meters) and then sets up on the second movement, to begin once B cannot continue.  Teams continue cycling through each movement until the five minutes is up.  The score is the total number of 3 rep sets completed by both partners. 2nd round:  same as the 1st except partners must complete 2 reps for each 5 second increment and the total time is 7 minutes