The set up positions are so important in weightlifting. If you don't start in the right position, you can't expect to end in the right position. Two important pieces of the split jerk set up, which we emphasized today, are the shelf and weight distribution. In order to lift any significant weight, a "shoulder shelf" must be established for the bar to rest on. A good shelf will allow the bar to stay in the proper position through the dip and drive. It is very important that before you jerk, or dip and drive for any shoulder to overhead movement, your weight is back in the heels. It is very easy to dip too far forward in the jerk. Setting the weight back puts you in a better spot to generate more power through the dip and drive. Lesley was showcasing a very nice shelf today while split jerking, Alison approves! Workout:

Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1

For Time: 9 Ground to Overhead (AHAP) 400 meter run 7 Ground to Overhead 400 meter run 5 Ground to Overhead 400 meter run 

Crossfit Santa Cruz Central’s Seacliff Beach Event May 18th, 1p.m. Workout, Barbecue and Bonfire!