D-Wayne and A History of Regional Competition

For a big guy, Mr D-Wayne can sure handle his weight in gymnastic movements. Here he is slamming down some toe to bars! Recognize any of these faces? To say it's incredible, extraordinary, and amazing that Crossfit has come this far would still seem a little understated. For those that know the history of Crossfit, this picture generates a sense that allows you to grasp that growth. Here's a neat little history article that describes that same growth. A History of Regional Competition


3 x 5 Weighted Dip 3 x 5 Weighted Pull Up

21 Ball Slams (20/30#) 15 Box Jump 21 Cal Row 9 Burpee 15 Toe to Bar 21 Burpee Toe to Bar  15 Toe to Bar  9 Burpee 21 Cal Row 15 Box Jump 21 Ball Slam 

Crossfit Santa Cruz Central’s Seacliff Beach Event May 18th, 1p.m. Workout, Barbecue and Bonfire!


*** "Food List" posted in front of gym for those that are able to bring some food or drinks! ***