Nothing Like Throwing A Little Weight Around

Gotta give it up for the guys today. A few outstanding performances today that may have made this the heaviest clean day the CSCC classes have ever seen, not to mention all the lifting was done in doubles! Skip started the day with an impressive 240# double. Dwyane one-uped him by hitting 245# and Tony matched Dwayne with 245# (Tony just missed 255#). Gary ended behind Dwayne and Tony during the 8am at 235# Dominic represented the 9am, making easy work of two and a quarter. That momentum continued into the 10am where Billy Walls stuck his 205# double. The boys at 11am, Joe, Dr. J (pictured here) and David all were ringing in PR's like nothing. Joe set his double at 185# and then hit a single at 195#, both huge PR's. Dr. J turned his 1RM into a double at 175# and then hit 180# once for a new all time 1 rep PR. What choice did David have but to turn his old 1RM into a double PR at 167#. Nothing like throwing a little weight around! Workout:

Work up to a heavy clean or power clean double

3 Rounds: 1 minute AMRAP Clean @ 80% of max double 1 minute Rest 1 minute AMRAP Muscle Up 1 minute Rest