Josh East

Josh is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer for Crossfit Santa Cruz Central. Josh first tried Crossfit in May 2008.  He was getting into his “middle” years, much of which were spent going from one training program to the next, never quite finding the right regimen that was either enjoyable or suitable to his varied athletic interests.

While not out of shape, he hadn’t made gains with his fitness for some time.  Josh entered his first Crossfit training session with a healthy skepticism, already half convinced the experiment would be short lived. To the contrary, the first workout made a profound impression on him and he knew that he had found a program that would hold his interest and produce positive results.

Josh was surprised by a number of things:  by how much the workout challenged him, the encouragement that a number of strangers were offering, and how much fun he had while doing it.  Sold on the concept, it did not take long before Josh noticed improved performance in his favorite sports, surfing and soccer.

Two years later, enthusiasm and enjoyment undiminished, Josh decided to become a trainer. Josh brings experience, humor, and a patient and knowledgeable teaching style to the Crossfit community.