Holding Back

Today's workout had a calorie row piece that was meant to be an active recovery (or just slightly more than). It was not intended to be a push and take the full minute. Were you able to temper your effort considering a score was associated?? It can be hard to not do the "Rx" version of a workout, even if the trainer states the intended stimulus of the workout (or piece of the workout). What do you think that is that prevents us from "holding back" sometimes? I have my thoughts on what it is, would love to hear yours....
The gents of the 4pm 

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7 Rounds:
EMOM (Alternating Minutes)
Odd Minute: 3 Deadlifts
Even Minute: Row 15/12 Calories


We had two great visitors wall balling with us this morning at the 9am; Daniel and Clemens. Clemens helps run BoxRox  magazine, an online magazine focused on competitive fitness and Crossfit.



3 Rounds:
3 Minute AMRAP:
Wall Balls (20/14#--1st round), Burpees (2nd round), Wall Ball and Burpee Ladder (3rd round)
Rest 1 Minute
2 Minute AMRAP:
Run for meters
Rest 1 Minute
1 Minute AMRAP:
Toes to Bar