American Open

Jared Fleming went 6/6 at The American Open this past weekend.  He also won best lifter, here are his lifts.


3 x 2 Push Press + 1 Split Jerk

With a partner:
30 Hang Power Clean to Push Press
1000 meter row 
20 Hang Power Clean to Push Press
600 meter row
10 Hang Power Clean to Push Press
400 meter row
*One person working at a time, can't do more than 10 reps at a time, 100 meters at a time on the row.

500 Club

Some big PR's today.  There are some guys getting close to the 500 club.  Here's the solo member at this point, Skip pulling 517lb.  A few girls approaching the 300 club as well!

Cool online row comp put on by Craig Howard of Diablo Crossfit.  Check it out and let us know if you're interested!


Deadlift 1RM

Wall Ball 10-20-30-40-50
Shuttle Run (15 meters up, 15 meters back)
Rope Climb 1-2-3-4-5
Shuttle Run


Dumbbell front rack step up shoulder press?  Leanna was even rocking the front rack step up push press, see if you notice her use of the dip and drive when she steps up.  Original programming with creative movements.


Teams of three - Three rounds.  Each round consists of three sets - 4 minutes, 3 minutes, and 2 minutes back to back with a two minute rest between rounds. Teams complete a buy-in to start each set. For the buy-ins teams choose two out of three of the following options: 400 meter run, 400 meter row, or 100 double unders. Once the team finishes both options they AMRAP Ball Slams (30/40), weighted (20/30# DBs) box step up presses, and sumo deadlift high pulls (53/70 KBs).  Reps count for 1 point each during the 4 minute sets, 2 points each for each rep of the 3 minute sets, and 3 points each for each rep of the 2 minute sets.