Applying Ideas

We've talked a good amount recently (there are a few posts recently if you'd like to scroll back a page or three) about different ways to approach training and workouts to ensure consistent progress and gains.  I wanted to get even more practical and take a look at todays workout and find different beneficial ways to vary it.

This workout is a perfect example of going for unbroken sets (click here for elaboration).  If that is an easy no-brainer for you, what's the next step?  One of them is quick transitions.

Setting your workout up to allow for quick transitions is hugely beneficial.  Ok you're going unbroken, you have your set up, what else?

Cycle time.  Barbell cycling is a skill (see video below of Hailey and Rosemary doing very well to cycle the barbell), and a fun one at that, that will shed time off your workout and allow you to find a rhythm with your movement that is more efficient - and that is when movement feels the best/most enjoyable - when you're in rhythm and flow!
Hopping burpees is more tiring, but the cycle time is faster so the potential for faster times and more reps is higher for jumping - you may just have to train it consistently for a while, and then let's see if it's not a better option ;)

The movements today also provide really good opportunities to find rest/relax spots WHILE doing the movement.  Going down on the GH sit up (be mindful of the low back here), from the moment you land after jumping over the in the burrpe until the point where you push yourself back up, and after lockout in the hang power snatch back down to the prep position are all examples where there should be little to no tension in the body (and even the mind?).


7 rounds:
10 hang power snatch (55/75lb)
10 bar-facing burpee
10 GH sit up

Staying Connected

We talk about getting our scaps locked into the bench when we bench press. But a lot of times we will get our scaps retracted and set on the bench and then loose that connection as soon as we reach back to grab the barbell. Today we focused on getting that connection and then keeping it as we unracked the barbell. Lydia was doing a great job of this during the 7am class.



Super Set:
Deadlift: 3x3
Bench Press: 3x3