No one said you had to stand up and rest.  Erik, Dave and Marilyn got top score today on the assault bike.  


Teams of four - 6 minutes ON - 2 minutes OFF

4 stations: 
1 - prowler push high handles @ 90lb
2 - prowler push low handles empty
3 - sled pull @ 90lb
4-  rest

6 stations:
1 - Shoulder to overhead (55/75lb)
2 - sit up
3 - pass thru
4 - russian KBS (53/50lb)
5 - mountain climber
6 - ball slam (30/40lb)

Assault Bike
max calories on one bike

Two rowers, two people working at a time, accumulate 1600 meters at 0 damper for the buy-in.  With time remaining, calorie row at 10 damper.

Are You One Of Those?

Have you ever run into anyone outside the gym who said, oh you're one of the ones who's always running up and down research park drive.  If you haven't, you probably will at some point.  Running on research park drive has been a part of Crossfit since the beginning at HQ.  The only difference now is that our runs go the other way.   We've made it work with all the cars over the years with what I'd say is a respectful human/automobile relationship.  Just remember to look both ways and share the road ;)


3 Rounds:
3 minute AMRAP:
10 deadlift (185/115lb)
5 burpee box jump
- 1 minute rest -
5 minute CAP:
800 meter run
15 hang power snatch (65/95lb)
- 1 minute rest -