Eluded No More

The muscle up can be a very elusive movement for us Crossfitters. We may have great pulling strength and great dipping strength and still not be able to connect the two through the transition. We may even get a muscle up once, and then not be able to get one again for a while. I have witnessed many that "should" have a muscle struggle for a long time at getting one. Carmen crossed that barrier today. She did 3 perfect muscle ups (not in a row) and showed that she not only has the strength, but the technique down. 


OHS: 3x5

12 Minute Ladder:
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, etc. of:
Body Weight Full Clean
Muscle Up


Best Of Both Worlds

One of the great things about doing volume type lifting workouts, like the 3 x 8 Back Squat we did today, is that it doesn't have to be super heavy to elicit a beneficial response (strength gain).  The dose of volume squatting induces more of a muscular adaptation compared to lower reps for heavier weight, which is more of a neurological stimulus (ever wonder why bodybuilders don't do super heavy weights for low reps or why oly lifters usually train at really heavy weights for lower rep sets?).  It may be why sets of 5 tend to be a great rep range to build strength, best of both worlds.  Here's Michelle getting set while Alison reaches a nice bottom position.


3 x 8 Back Squat

3 Rounds: 3 T2B 7 Burpee
200 meter run
30 T2B
40 Burpee
200 meter run
3 Rounds: 3 T2B 7 Burpee

Training Relative

Small box, high box.  Step or jump.  A lot of Crossfit is finding what's relative and appropriate for you to do.  There's ABSOLUTELY nothing to be discouraged about if you're using a low box to jump on, or have to step for any legitimate reason, what matters is that you are moving functionally.  There will always be someone jumping on a smaller or bigger box, what matters is that you are jumping.  And if you can't jump, step! 


5 Rounds:
12 Weighted Hip Extension
12 Weighted Sit Ups

800 meter run
30 KBS (35/53lb)
15 box Jumps
400 meter run
15 russian KBS (53/70lb)
12 box jump overs
800 meter run
10 one-arm KBS (each arm 35/53lb)
9 burpee box jumps