Looks like a great group of peeps this morning for the Sunday Josh special.


25 minute AMRAP
Buy in: every round starts with 30 double unders, 10 dumbbell rows (5 each arm), and 10 weighted dumbbell sit ups. Then, dumbbell bench press, farmer carry (1 rep every 5 meters), and shoulder to overhead. Athletes choose a weight at the start of each round (they can switch weight each round). The same weight will be used for all dumbbell movements. They do as many reps as possible at each movement. If they set the dumbbells down at any point they must do the buy in again before starting back at the bench press. Score: the combined number of reps (bench, FC, S2OH) completed times the weight used.

What's Good?

"Go as low as you can in a good position" has been our modo when it comes to squat movements.  What about width of stance?  Where should your feet go if you're looking for a "good" position?  Ask your body.  Ken, knowing it or not, decided today for the single-arm db snatch to move his feet out wider than usual.  As his body was telling him, this wide stance was fine to adjust to.  We would determine then that Ken was still in a "good" position.  


5 Rounds:
2 minutes to get:
200 meter run
6 burpee pull ups
2 minutes to get:
12/15 calorie row
15 box jumps (24/20in)
1 minute to get:
10 single-arm dumbbell snatch