Nate was making the KB Windmills look quite easy today.
For those of you who tried them for the first time today, they may not have felt quite as easy as Nate made them look. As we talked about they are great for shoulder mobility and stability, so even if they were tough today, don’t give up on them!! There is great benefit to keeping them in your regimen.


We have a couple of new movements coming down the pipes tomorrow. Here are some videos to help you.
Single Leg RDL
Side Delt Raise


5-4-3-2-1: Thruster
*Rest :90 between efforts

2 Rounds:
5 KB Windmills/Side
:10 Arch Hold/:10 Rest (3x)

10 Rounds:
:10 Assault Bike Sprint
Rest 3 Minutes
50 Air Squats
50 Burpees

Speed Change

For today’s power cleans we tried to focus on a slow pull to the knee and then being quick and explosive through the middle. It is extremely hard for many of us to not “grip it and rip it” off the ground so this drill was great to help us focus on a more controlled first pull and then having a quicker and more aggressive second and third pull.
Greg Andrews was doing a great job of changing speeds today.


5 Sets:
3 Power Cleans (3 second pull to the knee)

5 Minutes:
1 Rope Climb
:30 Heavy Farmers Carry
:20 Hollow Hold

5 Rounds:
Top of Every 4 Minutes
:30 Wall Walks
400m Run