Gabe, Glenn, Doug and Brian grinding through today’s longer metcon.



5 Rounds:
4 Push Press (3 second eccentric) (Building across the 5 sets)
4-5 Weighted Chin Ups
50’ Single Arm Farmers Carry/Side

2 Rounds:
10/8 Cal AB or 3 Prowler Push
10 Pull Ups
10 No Push Up Burpee onto a plate
2 Rounds:
15/12 Cal AB or 4 Prowler Push
15 Pull Ups
15 No Push Up Burpee onto a plate
2 Rounds:
20/16 Cal AB or 5 Prowler Push
20 Pull Ups
20 No Push Up Burpee onto a plate

L Sit Tim

Tim was executing some impressive L Sits today.
Just keeping your hips under or forward of your hands (versus behind) is hard enough, but holding your legs out straight, toes pointed, feet at or above hips for even 10 seconds is incredible!
Most gymnasts can hold a true L Sit for at least 3 minutes…. (insert big eye emoji here)
Can you imagine???



4 Sets:
8 Snatch Grip RDL @ 3020 Tempo
10-12 Skull Crushers
:20-:30 L Sit (in 1-2 Sets)

5 Rounds:
400m Run
15 Power Snatch (75/55#)