Eva Twardokens

Eva’s life is about athletics and movement. She is a Level 3 CrossFit certified trainer and is also certified in kettle bell training, run endurance, basic barbell, and olympic weightlifting. Her expertise in these areas comes from her assisting the Coaches in these specialties.

She travels around the country to assist Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore in the CrossFit Basic Barbell Certifications, Mike Burgener in his CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certifications, Jeff Martone in the CrossFit Kettlebell Certifications, and will join Brian McKenzie in some of the CrossFit Running Certifications.

Her opportunity to work with these experts time and time again, has taught her the material inside out. She has worked with the founder and creator of CrossFit, Coach Glassman since the very beginning and has been working closely with him for 10 years!

Eva is an accomplished athlete herself, competing in alpine skiing in two Olympic games. She is a six-time national champion, a World Champion Bronze medalist, and the World Technical Skiing Champion. Last year she changed sports and won the Masters National Championship Weightlifting title, where she broke two American records, one in the clean and jerk, and one in the total.

The amalgamation of my experiences as an athlete and a coach, through winning, losing, and recovering from severe injury has given me the ability and understanding to share and relate with a wide range of clientele.
– Eva Twardokens