Monday Night Football?!!

If you watched Monday Night Football tonight, hopefully you saw the little bit Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico did on Coach of the Saint's Sean Payton's recent Crossfit training regimen.  They showed footage of Payton working out in some Crossfit gym, doing all kinds of movements.  I don't know how aware of this Crossfit HQ was, but this is a HUGE positive plug.  They even had John Gruden doing kettlebell swings in the booth!  After that piece, they came back to talking about Crossfit again, saying essentially how effective the program is!  Crossfit obviously has been growing like crazy, we all know that, but this was it for me.  Monday Night Football?!?  John Gruden doing kettlebell swings!  Crossfit has arrived!

Here's a little photo of Annie coaching from last week. 

2013-09-23 09.14.43.jpg


Clean and Jerk EMOM for 12 minutes.
Minutes 0-4, 3 clean and jerks per minute
Minutes 4-8, 2 clean and jerks per minute
Minutes 8-12, 1 clean and jerk per minute

12 minute ladder:
Wall Ball 1-2-3...
Toe to Bar 1-2-3...
*50 Double Under at minutes 3,6 &9