At It Again

Ilya's at it again, breaking his own world record in the 105kg class this week at the Presidents Cup in Russia.  
Steph rocking some pass throughs in the cover photo.


Teams of four complete two rounds of the the following for time:
Each teammate starts on one of four couplets:1.)  2 rope climbs and 10 pass throughs, 2.) 10 ball slams (30/40) and 10 mountain climbers, 3.) 10 KBSs (53/70) and 10 tuck ups, 4.) 10 dumbbell bench press (30/50) and 10 dumbbell rows. As each athlete completes 2 rounds of their couplet, they start working toward finishing 100 reps of double unders as a team. Once everyone has completed 2 rounds of their couplet and the team has completed 100 double unders they rotate to a different couplet. The workout is over once everyone has finished 2 rounds.