Steroids In Weightlifting, Everyone BUT The Americans?

I do not know much about this subject, except for what I've heard and read around the interwebs over the years, and basically what I've heard is that most elite competitive international weightlifters use steroids.  I've also heard that the US has some of the strictest testing protocols in the world, deterring many of them from using performance enhancers and consequently maybe explaining why the US is not competitive on the world stage.  Anywho, here's some info on positive tests from this years World Championships in Houston (see link below, thank you Mr. Greco).  Not sure if Russian athletes still had some in their system (I have no idea how long these substances are traceable) from the recent massive doping program all Russian olympic athletes were apparently on, or they just weren't as smart about the timing (no chines athletes; do they have a more intelligent sophisticated program, are the clean?), or they just don't give a shit because everyone besides the Americans take PED's in weightlifting.  
17 New Positive Tests!

Chase knocks out some overhead squats while Josyane and Doug do a static wall squat.


Partners complete three 3-minute rounds each with a one minute rest between rounds of the following:
250 meter row, 10 OHSs (65/95), and the remainder of the 3 minutes to complete as many reps as possible of ring dips and ring rows.  The other athlete rests while their partner rows, holds a static squat against a wall while they do OHSs, and hold a plank while their partner completes ring rows and ring dips.  Partners switch rolls every round.  Their score is their combined reps of ring rows and ring dips.