Low Score Wins

On most of our workouts where our score is reps or rounds, the higher the score the better you did. Today Josh put a twist on that--and the fewer reps or sets you did the better your score was.


35 minutes to complete the following 3 tasks, moving between tasks whenever they choose:
1. Bench Press 2,000 (women) or 3,000 pounds (men). Athletes can choose whatever weights and rep schemes they want. Their score is the number of reps it takes to get to the required weight total.
2. 100 reps combined of ball slams and toe to bar.  Athletes alternate between unbroken sets of each movement until they have completed 100 reps. Score is the number of unbroken sets it takes.
3. Row a total of 2,000 meters. Athletes can break the 2,000 meters up into whatever increments they choose.  The score is the combined times of the 2,000 meters worth of rowing.