Competition Is Rising In The US!

Little throwback toe to bar action from Melissa, Angi, Helene and Delanie.

"Jaren Flemming (95.1kg actual weight, USA) snatching 170kg/375lb.  This is 1kg above the senior American record in the snatch for his normal weight class of -94kg.  It's also 3kg snatch without straps PR for him and, given that he cleaned 201kg easily and just missed the jerk, it seems like we could be looking at a 370+ total being needed to win at Nationals with several athletes capable of that range.  For some comparison, the winning total in 2011 was 346kg, in 2012 it was 344kg, in 2013 it was 337kg and in 2014 it was 359kg.  Competition is rising fast in the USA in a bunch of weight classes!" - From Hookgrip instagram page, check them out @hookgrip, they are LEGIT.


5 Rounds:
90 Seconds to get:
3 Shoulder Press
2 Legless Rope Climbs
- Rest 2 1/2 minutes

12 Minute AMRAP:
200 Meter Run
Max Effort Toe To Bar