Would You Rather Lighter Or Heavier?

Love this question...  Are lighter weights for more reps harder than heavier weights for less reps?  It of course depends on the person, but I bet most peoples initial reaction would be that heavier weight for lower reps is harder.  After doing lighter weights for more reps, most of us find that it's not only harder, it may be much harder!  To sustain rep after rep at a low weight is very challenging psychologically, which may be why it feels harder to a lot of us.   
The prowler is a great example for you to ask that question to yourself.  Is pushing a heavy prowler for lower reps more challenging than a lighter one for many reps? 
Peter, Sarah and Krystle were making quick work of this lighter prowler 120 meters!  


3 Rounds:
7 minute AMRAP:
8 prowler push (empty, 15 meter rep) and 400 meter run buy-in
Remaining time:
7 DB hang clean (25/35lb)
7 pull ups
- 3 minute rest -