Sam Briggs never ceases to amaze.  She may have a few aspects of her fitness that are not in the elite of elite category, but the strengths she has you could easily argue are the strongest in CrossFit history.
Sam does it all without an ounce of gloating.  This video could have easily been you or me - a choppy video with a judge, an encouraging coach and a couple fist bumps at the end to finish the workout.  But the truth of the matter is, Sam just demonstrated again why she is the absolute fittest human on the planet when the workout lands in her wheelhouse.  Can't wait to see what she does this week!


15/20 assault bike calories
1 prowler push (15 meters up and back) (50/100lb)
45 KBS (53/70lb)
1 prowler push
5 rope climbs
1 prowler push
45 burpees
1 prowler push
45 gh sit ups