Talking Scap

If you've been paying attention you have probably noticed we do a lot of scapulae movements in our warm ups.  An imbalance of shoulder/back/chest strength to rotator cuff muscle strength can be a bad combo for the shoulders.  Your rotator cuff muscles work to place your scapulae in a safe and strong position.  From this position your shoulder and arm are more able to move efficiently, effectively and safely. 
The exercise we did this morning (pictured below), one that you may have seen Carmen doing a lot recently, really gives you a sense of what that scapulae activation feels like.


5 minute AMRAP:
Handstand push up
*400 meter run + 25 pull up buy-in/

- rest 3 minutes -

5 minute AMRAP:
shuttle runs (15 meters = 1 rep)
40 gh sit up and 25 pull up buy-in

- 3 minute rest -

10 minute AMRAP:
3 handstand push up
6 pull up
9 gh sit up
6 shuttle run (15 meters = 1 rep)