One of the biggest heroines of the Affiliate Cup getting her workout in this morning!!
If you have not already thanked Ashley (and Carmen) personally for all of the hard work they did for the Affiliate Cup, please do so!! These ladies gave amazing amounts of brain power, time and effort into yesterday’s fun.



Teams of four rotate through the following four stations, one person at each station, completing as many rounds as possible for 3:00 minutes and resting for 2:00:
Station 1 - 10 ring rows and 10 GHD sit ups.
Station 2 - 5 Hang power cleans (95/135) and 10 lunges.
Station 3 - Floater (whoever is the floater can help any of the other stations with their reps, one working at a time).
Station 4 - 5 squats (125/185) and 10 push ups.
The teams's final score is their total rounds completed.