Do you suffer from FOMO?
Do you come into the gym 6 or more times a week--even if you're too tired or too sore, just because you have the Fear Of Missing Out?? 
First of all, I'm sure you're not alone. With such an amazing community and so many things you want to work on/do, it can be extremely hard to NOT come in. BUT... if you're constantly just tired enough, or just sore enough that you can't ever really give anything your full effort, a good portion of your training is being lost. In order to create adaptation (getting more fit/better/stronger) there has to be "stress" put on the body (ie workouts). There also has to be RECOVERY. Recovery is what allows the adaptation to happen. Recovery comes in many forms; sleep, good nutrition, relaxation/meditation, massage, ...
If you're going hard 6-7 days every week (and have a job, and kids, etc.) there is a good chance you're not getting enough recovery.
So... if you just can't stay out of the gym, try choosing one day as an "active recovery" day. Instead of going for heavy weight or a fast time, just move well, with low intensity--basically like going for a ride on a cruiser bike. 
Here's Ashley, Mark and Luke, who definitely were NOT treating today like a recovery day!



With a Partner:
20 Minute AMRAP:
Partner 1: 400m MedBall Run (20/14#)
Partner 2: Row for meter while P1 is running
Score=total meters between two partners