Love a Rainy Day

"The harder you work, the less you row." - Josh


Pair up with an "adversary".  Adversary A does 10 weighted lunges ( 20/30) while Adversary B does as many reps as possible (AMRAP) of one arm kettle bell swings (KBS) (right arm).  Next, A does 5 tall box jumps while B does AMRAP of KBSs with the left arm. A then does 10 burpees while B does AMRAP sumo deadlift high-pulls with the kettle bell.  Finally, A does 15 hang power cleans with an empty barbell while B does AMRAP of KBSs (both arms).  While this is going on B only works while A is working and counts their total number of reps.  At the end of the four movements B will tally their reps and multiply it by ten.  That number is the number of meters A then has to row.  While A is rowing B is doing AMRAP of 10 double unders and 10 Abmat sit ups, which is the score.  There is a one minute rest after the row then A and B switch positions, then rest for two minutes before going through it all again one more time.

Programming: Josh

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