It's Free!

PhotobucketGreyson, Connor, Coleman and Chase relaxing on the boxes after some good hard work at the 10a.m. free class. The 10a.m. Saturday free class is a great opportunity to try our gym out, get a little taste of what it is we do. Because we have new people at this hour we keep it real basic, focusing on the foundational movements of Crossfit. There are still always great workouts to be had, no limit to the amount times you can come and it's free, what more reason do you need? We'll see you next Saturday! Workout:

Dynamic Effort - Front Squat - 65% 1RM - 2 Reps on the minute every minute for 12 minutes


5 Rounds - AMRAP:

3 minutes ON

1 minute OFF

6 Box Jump


12 Toe 2 Bar

Programming: Shari