Strictly Not Laid Back

Very good to understand the difference between a proper strict toe to bar and the classic CrossFit version.  The proper strict toe to bar only engages lats into a hollow position, and then all of the movement happens through the hip flexors and abbs.  There is no lay back or dynamic pull happening.  This as you may have experienced is extremely challenging. so having a spot and someone watch can be very helpful.  Here is a video of Colin clearly demonstrating this strict version with the help of a spot.  And then Annie spotting Rachel through the same movement.  

This Saturday at 11am Connor will be leading a 90 minute preparatory class for The Open.  He will be going over common Open movements and answering any questions you may have.  The following 5 Saturdays, 11am will have the same 90 minute set up as an chance for anyone to come in, talk The Open workout, strategize, receive coaching, and even do the workout!  This is a great opportunity to reach your potential in this years Open!  We'll see you Saturday!


3 x 7 strict toe to bar

1st min: 5 toe to bar & 10 Box jump (24/30in)
2 minutes to row: 500/400m
- 1min rest