Here's the 4pm group not wasting any of that hip extension in their pull.

photo (2).PNG


5 minute Cap:
1 k row
10 minute Cap:
10 rounds:  9 Ball Slams (20/30lb) & 21 Double Unders

For time:
15 Push Ups
30 Lunges
60 KBS (35/53lb)
There is a 5 minute Cap on the 1K row.  The 10 round couplet starts at the 5 minute mark and has a 10 minute cap.  The triplet starts at the 15 minute mark and is for time with no cap.  The object here is to make the 1K and the couplet under the time caps and get your best time on the triplet.  Your score is whether or not you did it Rx (weights AND finished under the time caps) and the time on the triplet.