Crossfit For Hope

Sunday action film, guess starring Faun.


Ten 2-minute rounds, each round split into two 1-minute halves:

Choose the number of reps you can complete of hang clean-thrusters (HCTS) (65/95) and double unders in one minute, before the start of each round, as listed below:  The rep scheme options are 1 HCT/5 DUs, 2/10, 3/15, 4/20, 5/25, 6/30, etc..  In the second minute of each round complete the same number of burpees that you chose for HCTs in the first half of each round.  You get one point for every rep of HCT completed, under the condition that you finish all the reps you predicted before the round began, otherwise you get 0 points for that round.  You can choose a new rep scheme for every round.  The final score is the total points. 

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