Party Time!

Thanks to everyone for coming out and to Foodsmith for feeding us nice and proper!  Couple great photos here, and shout out to Billy Walls not only for his birthday but for putting these two photos over the top!


Teams of up to five people complete 20-15-10 reps using dumb bells (25/35) at each of the five following stations: deadlifts, box step-ups, bench press, hang cleans, and push press.  Each team member will do 20 reps at each station, then start over at the first station and complete 15 reps, then 10 reps.  Teammates work at separate stations and cannot rotate to the next station until the whole team has finished the required reps at their own stations (Annie are you OK style).  Athletes walking lunge their dumb bells to each station during each transition.  Time is complete when the entire team finish all of their reps and return to their starting position.