How Does It Feel?

Rachel was one of many today looking solid in her front squat pause.  A few people mentioned the slow decent and pause felt easier than the regular front squat.  Was this the case for you?  Could it be that slowing things down ensures better positioning?  And regular pace could be too fast for keeping you in more effective position.  Feel free to explore this more even with regular front and back squats, slow down your decent, pause at the bottom.  See how it feels.


6 x 2 Front Squat
*First rep tempo (3s down, 3s at bottom, stand)

24 kettlebell swing (53/70lb)
8 meter kettlebell lunge
20 kettlebell swing (53/70lb)
16 meter kettlebell lunge
16 kettlebell swing (53/70lb)
24 meter kettlebell lunge
12 kettlebell swing (53/70lb)
32 meter kettlebell lunge