Next Level

Do you have a skill, lift or something else you'd like to work on more outside the class setting?  Have you considered scheduling a personal training session with one of our trainers?  There are so many years of experience and applied knowledge at Central, and we are eager to share everything we've learned to help you reach your highest potential as an athlete.    
Collette has been working with Connor on her muscle ups.  These sessions have been greatly beneficial for her - bearing the fruit of her labor in three muscle ups this morning!  
Young Ethan has been a personal client of Carmen for a couple years now.  They have worked beautifully together over that time, and recently Ethan has seamlessly jumped into classes.  He was as prepared as one could be for classes - displaying that in his muscle up this morning!
So contact a trainer!  Get some specialized attention, and take your fitness to the next level


3 x 1 Front Squat

Max effort muscle up
* 3 attempts