Want To Win A Super Solid High Five?

The touch and go snatch/clean can be a great variation exercise.  When you are coming down from overhead, you are engaging/loading muscles eccentrically, which is like pulling back an elastic band.  Once you get to the bottom, you are ready to let go of the elastic band and fire away!  Also, we've found, it can be a helpful drill for people struggling in the set-up.  On the way down from the top, the body is in a more organized position.  
Here is a short video of a weightlifter performing a touch and go snatch.  What do you notice would be some technique faults along the lines of how we coach the movements?  There's one big obvious one, and a few other more subtle faults.  Whoever guesses the fault correctly wins a super solid high five!


Power Snatch 5 x 3. 

Thruster (65/95lb)
bar facing burpee
*10min CAP