Does Eating Ice Cream Help Prevent Cardiovascular Disease?

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the things that truly benefit us in the long run are hard to do or are challenging in the short term?  CrossFit workouts are an easy example.  The feeling we get after a very hard workout that took a lot of will and determination can be quite euphoric.  That's part of what I see in this photo here.  Annie and Connor pushed through some challenging moments in their competition to arrive at this shared place of happiness.  
It made me think of other examples outside of the more obvious exercise illustration.  The Whole30?  Not over-shopping?  Not gossiping?  Leaving the party early?  Haha, maybe not the best examples but it's what came to mind.
What I've really like to know is if anyone has ideas to the contrary.  What is very enjoyable/easy in the moment/short term that benefits us in the long run?  It'd be like if eating ice cream (assuming you love the creamy ice) helped reduce our risk for cardiovascular disease.  



1RM Front Squat

3 rounds:
400 meter run
50 double under