Socially Supported

If you've been doing CrossFit for a little bit of time, you're probably well aware of the community aspect.  A lot of people have said it's their favorite part about CrossFit (me included).  Working out with friends, getting to know coaches and clients, and maybe even throwing it down on the dance floor during the annual Christmas party! - Holla!

There are many very powerful benefits associated with being part of a community.  This is old news of course, we've lived in communities for our species entire existence. 

The curiosity of science has figured out many positive aspects of spending time in a community.  In the literature they often refer to it as "social support."  Social support or spending time in a community has been shown to significantly decrease stress, promote mental health, and improve self-esteem to name a few.  

One way to look at these benefits is how much it helps training goals via recovery.  Recovery is ALL about keeping stress as low as possible.  Working out is stress, but that's great because we recovery from it and adapt:
Stress + Recovery = adaptation (increased fitness)
Stress + Stress = detraining/overtraining

Being part of a community is arguably the most effective recovery tool available.  Max Muscle or GNC can be far down the list of tools for recovery.  Can you think of other ways to recover that actually don't cost a penny??  Tune back in next week for other recovery ideas.  



3 x max effort Seated DB Shoulder Press right into max effort DB Push Press

For time:
150 reps of double under
75 ft front rack walking lunge at 35 lb
50 reps of barbell thruster (33/44lb)
75 ft front rack walking lunge
150 reps of double under