Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

If you’re someone who has ever had low-back struggles/challenges, you may have naturally thought about or focused on the deadlift as the main lift of concern. It’s not to say this is not a valid perspective, but the over-extended low back while overhead is arguably more “risky” than a rounded back deadlift.

Our positions matter in all movements, but you may find that there are some that seem to irk you more than others. Being mindful of these movements that tend to irritate body parts can be helpful to ensure safer more effective exercising.

Here’s a thought - are you willing to stretch (not your body) a little bit?

Modern science is discovering more and more the extent to which our minds play a role in our physical/physiological ailments. Ancient wisdom traditions have been privy to this fact for eons.

Are there certain aspects, people, circumstances etc. in life that seem to irritate, stress, or frustrate you more than others? Like particular movements?

The analogy here is actually far less of a stretch than you may think. If we are willing, we can look at our lives and see where we are finding ourselves stressed, and then find ways to heal or improve that part of our lives - but not by trying to change the person, situation, or circumstance etc., but by changing our own minds.

The idea here is that the more stressed we are, the more likely we are to get hurt. There’s no shame in being stressed, it just means it is important to be aware of it and to start taking baby steps in a less stressful direction.

How do we do that?

My feeling is you already know the answer.

If you think you don’t know how to become less stressed, start making sounds (talking) toward someone who you think does.

Flo shows us beautifully in this photo how she changed her position to a more aligned, effective and safe position for the lift/life.


4 Rounds:
2 Deadlift
10 Strict Press
*Goal is to work up to a good double in 4 sets. There should be no back rounding on the deadlift. Press they could go up but they should have at least 2-3 sets at the same weight.

18 Minute AMRAP:
21/16 Calorie Row
15 DB Power Cleans
9 HR Push Ups