PhotobucketTim Watrous working hard up the rope.There are many different styles or ways to climb the rope. There is the wrap around and synch style, the outside of the foot and under method, and Helene's approach, just to name a few. So which one is right? They all seem to accomplish the same goal, start on the ground and climb to the top. The answer is all of them are right, because they all complete the task safely.

The truth is every person must be looked at as an individual. There are general movement patterns, healthy joint arrangements and effective force producing positions that must be learned, but once an experienced understanding is gained, movement skills can be tailored to the individual. In this case once the strength is gained to climb the rope along with an understanding of all the techniques and efficiencies relative, an educated choice on a particular style is warranted. It is obviously good to have discussions about technique, positioning, and efficiency.  The point is to not get in a what's right or wrong discussion, but rather a productive educated dialogue that addresses each person individually and is then applied accordingly.

In the end the important part is that we are (with the requisite movement understanding or are under the supervision of someone who has that knowledge) climbing ropes, doing push ups, deadlifting, squatting, running etc.  Not wasting time with what is right or wrong. Kendrick Farris has a very unique jerk. I'm not going to tell him his style is wrong. Kendrick Farris


5 rounds 7 pull ups 7 kbs 7 box jump 400 m run

Programming: Eva

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